4th of July in Portland

It’s almost here: The 4th of July!  Like many of you, I will be dusting off the barbeque and planning my celebration.  Nothing says Independence Day like fireworks.  The night wouldn’t feel quite right without red and blue sparklers and black snakes staining the sidewalk.

Just remember that Oregon law bans possession, use or sale of fireworks that fly (like bottle rockets), explode (such as firecrackers) or travel more than six feet on the ground or 12 inches into the air (like Roman candles).  If you are caught with illegal fireworks, they may be seized and you could be fined up to $500 per violation or even arrested.

For those of us who are more like Tim Taylor from Home Improvement and don’t even want to worry about such things, there are many places in the Portland area to enjoy a fireworks display. Consider celebrating the 4th of July with family and friends at one of these popular Portland destinations:

Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival

Have fun while helping others. The festival hosts the largest fireworks display in Oregon and all proceeds benefit the

Oregon Food Bank.  (www.waterfrontbluesfest.com)

Portland Waterfront Blues Festival
Image by gmeador via Flickr

Oaks Park: Amusement Park

Make it entire day celebration!  Picnic spaces are available to gather the whole family and something for everyone including amusement park rides, a skating rink and a fireworks display for evening enjoyment.   (www.oakspark.com)

14th Annual Independance Day Parade

Come celebrate Independance Day with activities for all ages and a wonderful and colorful procession of kids with their bikes patriotically decorated to honor the military.  Pre-parade activities start at 10am.

Click Here for more information.

Fort Vancouver

Anyone who’s lived in Portland knows about the Fort Vancouver fireworks display.  After taking a hiatus in 2009, the 4th of July festivities are back this year, bigger than ever!  For admission prices and event schedule.

Click Here for more information.

Have a blast and be safe this Independence Day!