How to Have a Smooth Move


While it may be asking too much to enjoy the moving process, it is possible to make it easier. If you're properly prepared, you don't have to stress and hurry at the last minute. Here is how you can have an easy, stress-free moving day.


When to Use Movers


One of the more best ways to make moving a whole lot easier is to use movers. However, they are not necessary in every given situation. To get an idea of whether or not you need the extra help from movers, ask yourself some questions. How large is your household? How far are you moving? How much extra cash can you spare? Luckily, there are cost calculators available to help you find out approximately how much using professional movers will cost. Don't hesitate to have moving companies come over to look through your home and give you an estimate. It's an accurate way to price-gauge how much you'll need to spend, and to compare companies themselves.


Clear Out Excess


Like many aspects of moving, this process may take more time than you expect, so schedule accordingly. Start as early as possible. You'll have to go through each room, so don't put it off. You don't have to spend hours each day, but set aside at least 30 minutes before or after work to sort some things and decide what you'll keep and what you'll donate. If you need help focusing, play music or have a treat ready as a reward for working hard after. Be stern with yourself. If you never use an item but it holds emotional value, consider taking a picture of it before donating it so you’ll remember it. Try to keep to whatever schedule you assign yourself. Moving is one endeavor you don't want to fall behind on, as little things can easily pile up and make moving day itself more arduous.


Pack Smart


Packing, like clearing out excess items, takes time. As soon as possible, start your packing. Do a little every day, and have a designated spot to do it in. If you keep all of your packing materials together, including boxes, tape and markers, you'll spend less time looking for lost goods and more time actually getting work done. Don't hesitate to clearly and specifically label each box. The more clear you are about the contents, the easier time you'll have unpacking and sorting your new home. This goes double for things you'll need right away, like toiletries and kitchen supplies. It's good to keep in mind that the larger the box, the heavier it may be, so keep those light. Smaller boxes are better for heavier goods, as this will keep each load more manageable. Use your own soft goods as padding, rather than bulking up and losing space to newspaper or bubble wrap. Blankets, towels, and even socks make great padding for your breakables. The less you have to bring and the lighter the boxes, the happier you'll be come moving day.


Make the Day Easy


Plan and prepare, then plan and prepare again. Have a bag prepared for the first night and the following day. Have a toothbrush, clothes, deodorant and whatever else you'll need ready. It's wise to make the day itself pleasant. Have cold drinks and plenty of healthy snack food ready to grab, both for yourself and whoever helps you. A hydrated mover is a happier mover. Try not to add stress to the day. If something gets damaged or a wall gets nicked here and there, remind yourself it isn't the end of the world. Worse things could have happened, and these are all things you can deal with at a later date. This day is going to be anxious enough without worrying about things outside of your control.


If you take a little extra time to do some research and make sure you're well prepared, you may find your move running more smoothly than you thought possible. It's a lot of work, but moving is a chance at a new start. This is a time to remake your home into whatever image you choose for yourself.